Specially Designed for Carton Sorting



Carton Sorting Machine

Supersort machine with Control Panel

Large inventories are blocked due to slow manual sorting process of folding cartons. Remove these bottlenecks by introducing automatic carton sorting system “Supersort” by Pratham. “Supersort” is fast, reliable and durable system to do 100% inspection of folding cartons.


Technical Specifications

Supersort 5002

One camera for face inspection and one for reverse inspection

Product size max 80 mm (width) x 100 mm (length)
Product size min 60 X 90 mm
Camera Resolution 0.11mm
Speed 200 m/min
Dimensions Approx 8500 (L) x 1350 (W) x 2000(H)
( Dimensions in mm)
Weight 2500 kg
Total Power 11 kw (15Hp)

Supersort 5003

with 3rd camera on face side for inspection of defects in special operations like embossing, lamination, UV coating, etc.