"ipv ProofCheck" The Smart Proof-Reading System



ipv proof check

ipvProofCheck is a product of belief in innovation. We listen to and learn from the customer needs and keep improving... continuously!! Our belief has led us to deliver solutions that exclusively target customer needs.

In printing industry, avoiding printing mistakes at every stage is very important. Hence it is necessary to cross check "Original Art work" PDF file approved by the customer with "Ready to Print Art work" PDF file before printing as well as "Scanned file of Printed Art work" after printing. ipvProofCheck provides both types of solutions with easy clicks!

"PDF to PDF" analysis for "Ready to Print Art work" before printing. "PDF to Scan" analysis for "Printed Art work" after printing.

ipvProofCheck provides pixel to pixel comparison based identification solutions for Carton, Leaflet and Label analysis. Software gives simplified and highlighted view of Sample UPs with Deviation Locator. It also provides UP wise sorting of Deviations with indications of Accepted, Not Accepted and Not Handled. Provision to give Comment to the selected Deviation is also provided.

Pharmaceutical Industry is very strict about their norms and rules. Minor mistakes could be the cause of violation of the rules. Software follows the International Laws as per requirements.ipvProofCheck complies FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Norms. In Manual Proof Reading, it is very difficult to recognize and find minor deviations. It could be time consuming, difficult to record analysis, possibilities of human errors etc.

ipvProofCheck the Smart Proof Reading System has a capability to overcome these issues. On the contrary, ipvProofCheck provides well-sorted analysis with saving option.

ipvProofCheck generates both Short Report for quick and brief understanding as well as Long Report for detailed understanding of analysis with Pictorial data.


  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

  • User-friendly, flexible software supports Windows environment.

  • Elegant PC interface, allowing direct control of Scanner.

  • On-the-fly and Post Run checks and modifications.

The Edge

  • Identifies Deviations on "Pixel to Pixel Comparison" Principle.

  • "UP-wise sorting of Deviations" with Handled or Accepted indications.

  • "Deviation Locator" for Exact Location Deviation in the Sample file.

  • Well Optimized "Short Report" and Detailed Pictorial Representation in "Long Report".

  • Auto-Saving "Summary" about User Name, Date, Time etc. for future references.

Technical Specifications

Software comes with the procedure which identifies exact defects with less number of deviations, that makes user to check only true deviations and saves time. Software is compatible with GRAPHTEC scanner which is supplied by "Pratham Technologies Pvt. Ltd" only.

ipV ProofCheck ver 1.0.

Maximum Reference/Sample Size Digital (PDF) 65 MB (depends on artwork creation process)
Maximum Sample Size Scan (mm) 914 x 1050
Time Optimized Inspection Yes
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, 64 bit
Inspection Modes
Compare PDF vs. PDF Yes
Compare PDF vs. SCAN Yes
Multiple Ups Yes
Multiple UPs
(different references)
21 CFR Compliant Yes
Administrator, Mid-level and User-level Separate
Login facility
Short and Long Analysis Reports available Yes
Add/Remove UPs feature available Yes
*Technical specifications are subject to change