Outsert Systems

Outsert Systems
High speed vacuum feeder with back seperator
Electronic double sheet
Gap setting adjustment by calipers
Ss Folding pocket with position indicator
Rightly located display panel
Silent belt drive
Plain stacker for horizontal delivery
Combination rollers
Transfer unit with ejector
Model Max Format Min Format Min Fold Roller Speed Paper Gsm Min Panel Folding Max fold Thickness Power
PGV PF 1618
16 parallel fold machine
(16 folding pockets, 15 deflectors)
457 x 800mm 210 x 290mm 25mm 150m/min 40 to 130 400v,
PGV BFC 615 Thick Folding
6 parallel folding machine
(6 folding pockets, 5 deflectors)
300 x 457mm 35 x 210mm 25mm 33 x 33mm 5mm 220v,

Variable Stacker with adjustable height
254 x 125mm 35 x 25mm 33 x 33mm 5mm 220V,
Model Weight Length Thickness Performance Speed Air Power
Taping Unit 35 to 200mm 30 to 60mm 1.5 to 8mm 8000 / hr m / min Approx 6 bar 220 v,1ph,50 hz,2kw
Vision inspection
Counter and kicker in vertical stacker
Extra long roller Conveyor
taping unit
Pharmaceutical Outsert
Product folder